Project Description

  • Project :Storage of Consumer Potatoes
  • Location :Iraq
  • Duration :40 Days
  • Value :$1,352,540.00


The company cultivates potatoes through a variety of agricultural projects spread throughout Iraq through a team of agricultural engineers specializing in the field of potato cultivation to follow these projects from the stage of preparing and settling the land and planting seeds and add fertilizers and control of agricultural pests and diseases and follow watering until the end of the harvest in ways To obtain high quality potatoes.

Our Working Process

In general, storage and refrigerant storage is considered one of the most important marketing services for the farmers' products. Therefore, the company is interested in storing potatoes to provide strategic stocks of potatoes through the warehouses throughout the country and creating suitable storage conditions to ensure the quality of the stored potatoes. Where potatoes are usually stored after extraction until they are used for direct consumption or seeds.

The storage of potatoes is a specific factor for the spread of cultivation in Iraq, where the achievement of the following purposes:

  • keeps tubers in good condition until marketed.
  • processing the market with a good crop on a regular basis during all seasons of the year.
  • Storing the seeds for planting on a regular basis to give a good harvest.