Project Description

  • Project :Storage of Consumer Potatoes
  • Location :Iraq
  • Duration :40 Days
  • Value :$1,352,540.00


In view of the tendency to encourage policies to diversify agricultural production, increase investment in food processing industries, not rely on crops in a specific time, and avoid external imports and rely on local production, the company has been interested in storing industrial potatoes to provide strategic stocks of industrial potatoes.

Our Working Process

The storage of industrial potato differs from the consumer potato in terms of quality and storage conditions. The most important factors affecting the storage of industrial potatoes are:

(Temperature, humidity, ventilation, light).

However, warehouses throughout the country are dedicated to the consumption of potato and not suitable for storage of industrial potatoes for lack of modern storage technologies, such as ventilation techniques and moisture control devices, as they cause low potato quality and losses in the weight of potatoes after a period of storage. Therefore, the company is currently seeking to establish stores dedicated to potatoes Industrial and modern technologies to provide high quality industrial potato for manufacturing industries throughout the year.