Our Activities

The company took upon itself the training of agricultural engineers in various specialties and the deployment of these cadres in all regions of Iraq for the purpose of educating and educating the peasants and providing advice to them. The company was keen to reach all the agricultural areas where potato cultivation succeeds by allocating trained agricultural engineers to carry out periodic tours of the potato fields and guide the farmers Which contributed to the spread of potato cultivation in all governorates of Iraq.
  • Erbil 28-5-2018
  • Abu Ghraib 2019
  • Erbil 7-5-2017
  • Erbil 2015
  • Bagdad 2018
  • IPM 2013
  • Diala 2012
  • erbil 2012
  • bagdad 2009

Field Day In Abu Ghraib

Our company has always been a pioneer in the development of potato cultivation, introducing new varieties to Iraq and following the best of modern technologies, and certainly we can not succeed without continuous communication with farmers brothers and their observations on new varieties, quantity of production and disease resistance and working together to solve any problem they face Therefore, the continuous meeting with them in field days organized by the company periodically in different places of Iraq.