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    Potato Test Fields
    Annually we operate a field of potato experiments to test a brand new
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    Showing new Potato brands for farmers to know how to grow that brand
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    Guide farmers how they grow potatoes
    We help potato growers to grow thier potatoes by best why we have:
    Agricultural Research
    Agricultural Engineer
    Chemical Materials

Vision Statement

Our goal is to make Iraq a potato exporter

Mission Statement

Specialized in trading potatoes and agricultural supplies
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Our History

We worked in the field of potato crop since 1985, where the work continued in this crop was the first beginnings in the province of Baghdad and then was grown in large quantities in the province of Nineveh

After 2000, there was an urgent need to establish Nahar Al Awrad

After years of hard work and continuous development, the idea of establishing an official company came in 2005

It is the main point in linking agriculture and trade, and this fruit came from partnership With the company Alawrad Agricultural specialized trade seed and agricultural materials.

The company has worked to develop and spread potato cultivation throughout Iraq,After the company's successes in the field of potatoes and increased demand for potato crop The company decided to expand the scope of work to include the Kurdistan region Where the company entered the Kurdistan region in 2008 to improve the status of agriculture and the development of potato cultivation in the region.

Today, the company has become the largest chain testing stations with a cadre of engineers efficient supervisors and starts from Zakho in northern Iraq and ends in the south of the homeland and pass in most parts of Iraq, including areas of the capital Baghdad and the provinces of Anbar and Diyala

Our Service

Nahar Alawrad was the first company to introduce industrial potato varieties to Iraq, where it tested the industrial potato varieties that fit the atmosphere of Iraq

Agriculture Support

The company supports agriculture in the region

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Potato cultivation

The company is supporting potato cultivation in Iraq

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Seed Distribution

The company distributes seeds to all farmers in Iraq

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Do you have a ready field and you want to plant potatoes


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We support you in distributing seeds and buying potatoes

Helping Farmer

We work for a farmer to benefit from planting potatoes

Build Your Field

We help farmers grow potatoes field in whole iraq

Free Consulting

You can get consulting from our expert and also get a chemical materials

Company Founder

Together we contribute to the success of agriculture

Shaban Alnahar


Abbas Aldahlaki


Do You want to grow potatoes? Please fell free to ask any question.